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401k Fallout

Ready or not here it comes. There seems to be no perfect time to save for retirement. There is always an excuse, too young, too old, too many bills, too many kids, too much fun, and on and on.

When it comes to retirement planning you need to address:

1) Taxes: Are you just deferring taxes? What if tax rates go up in the future? Is my retirement plan tax efficient? What if there was a way to opt out of the tax system with your retirement savings? Interested? You should be. Taxes will have a major effect on your retirement NET, SPENDABLE INCOME. Would you be interested in a strategy that could get you 300% more net spendable dollars? Too good to be true?

2) Risk: Is your retirement subject to stock market risk? If you are at or near retirement a severe stock market adjustment can devastate your lifestyle.

3) Fees: There has been a ton of publicity regarding the excessive hidden fees associated with traditional 401 (k) plans. Imagine fees that are sometimes 3,000% more than what was originally disclosed to you. "For every 2% you pay in fees you will reduce your retirement nest egg by 50%." DON'T LET WALL STREET STEAL YOUR RETIREMENT!

4) Health: Did you know that the average age of a heart attack, stroke, or cancer is age 43? Did you know when sickness strikes, it's hard to go to work, and that sickness is the #1 cause of bankruptcy in America? IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

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